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Tradition: Renewed

We’re on a mission to make martial arts better.
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West Gate Kung Fu is an academy devoted to the exploration and preservation of rare, intricate, and beautiful martial arts traditions in an open, conscious community.


We specialize in evocative and challenging styles of traditional Chinese martial arts that develop both mindful and effective self-defense skills and an appreciation for sophisticated physical art forms.


Come join a unique culture where the work is demanding, but friendship is easy. Whether you’re brand-new to martial arts or have decades of experience, there’s a place for you here, and always more to discover.


Our programs balance intensity with enjoyment, challenge with growth, and who you are with who you will become. So try us for a few weeks— on the house— and see martial arts in a new light.


A radically different way to study traditional martial arts.


Epic, mystic, or funky. Choose your adventure.


Change your weeknights, and maybe your life.

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