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Epic, mystic, or funky. Choose your adventure.

We offer separate programs for Wu Style Tai Chi, Fu Style Ba Gua, and Northern Long Fist Kung Fu (with an emphasis in the Mizong Luohan style).

  • Kung Fu — Mizong Luohan is a soaring, epic kung fu style of the Northern Long Fist school. It is characterized by deep stances, high leaps, and nimble skips for the application of fast, powerful strikes and throws while in motion. Develops a sophisticated sense of footwork, timing and distance, deceptive strategy, strong lean muscles, and lungs that go on for miles. Our most popular adult program. [Learn more]

  • Kids Kung Fu — A holistic approach to martial arts for younger students that includes training in meditation, self-discipline, leadership, and cooperation alongside a fun and challenging physical program of traditional northern long fist kung fu. Appropriate for ages 5-1/2 to 11. [Learn more]

  • Wu Style Tai Chi — Meditation in motion, tai chi (or taijiquan) is a balancing act between being and doing. Tai Chi is best known for its slow, apparently gentle movement, but is also a fascinating martial art focused around the subtle redirection of incoming force. Its hidden intricacies have astonishing depth, and develop a keen sensitivity for the flow of energy in the body. [Learn more]

  • Fu Style Ba Gua — Ba Gua (or baguazhang) is the jazz of martial arts. An advanced movement practice, it demands intricate coordination of the limbs and torso to build and release momentum through circular and spiral movement. In its Fu style iteration it is undeniably funky. Though not as popular as tai chi or kung fu due to its complexity, ba gua often appeals to martial artists with prior experience in other styles looking for new and varied movement challenges. Beginners are welcome as well, but bring your sense of humor! [Learn more]

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